Thanks To Our
Experienced Staff,
We Provide Service Above The Standart
Our company, which was established in 2013 with the slogan of "always for the better", added new ones to its services in 2019 and started to serve in the fields of import and export. Unconditional customer satisfaction comes first among the principles of our young and dynamic team, which has a solution-oriented, quality-oriented and innovative working principle.

Enpa is an international company that perceives the quality expectations of its customers well, constantly improves all products and steps in the value chain, and always aims to be a pioneer in its sector. Our quality policy, which has been documented by our expert team, is always renewed and developed in order to keep it up-to-date.
EXPERT TEAM Our products, each of which is carefully selected and supplied by our team of experts in their own field, are shipped to our silo in Mersin port for storage after the necessary quality controls are provided.
QUALITY SERVICE After the storage and final control phase, all shipping preparations are completed. In line with the needs of our customers, it is delivered to domestic or international logistics companies that we have contracted with.
FASTEST SOLUTIONS All of our overseas shipments are made by sea. IBC tanks, Flexi tanks and ISO tanks are used in the shipment of all our products.
ALWAYS BETTER Tankers are used in our domestic shipments. For all our products, shipments begin after high-level safety and quality controls have been achieved.

To provide continuous environmental, social and economic improvement at every point of operation in the world, in order to create a better tomorrow than today. In this direction, the main framework of our vision is to make Enpa a truly sustainable company by implementing programs focused on environmental protection and activities that benefit society. To act with the awareness that long-term profitability passes through quality; to contribute to the development of the sectors and economy in which it operates under all circumstances and to ensure its sustainability as a trusted group in all aspects.

We serve in the fields of import and export services of products includes soybean fatty acid, waste vegetable oils, sodium Methoxide and Sodium Hydroxide.

Our import service supports companies to develop their presence in foreign markets and to increase their business. Based on our clients’ requests, we scout for products worldwide to match with expected price, quality, volume and innovation. We connect to suppliers from the area of interest and carefully we assess them based on reliability and expected product quality and services. We share with our clients as much target area information as allow clients to evaluate the business risk and the potential returns from that region economic system. On behalf of our clients we perform quality controls on items before shipment.

Our export service supports companies for their business development worldwide. Our foreign markets knowledge and the related product demands enables our clients to point to the most attractive products to export in any market of interest. Thanks to our foreign partners we select the most attractive products to export. Our commitment is to stand with our clients on a regular basis, to maximise their return on investment and to define the strategy aimed to product positioning on international markets.
IBC tanks, flexi tanks and ISO tanks are used in the shipment of all our products which needs oversea travelling. Tankers are used in our domestic shipments.

Import/Export activities

We scout importers, agents and distributors.
Products and supplier selection.
Market and target analysis.
Business trips organization and matching.
Corporate identity development and promotion.
Deal, buy/sell management.
Pre and post-sales assistance (orders, deliveries check and follow up).
Full integrated logistic services for completely successful results.
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